Pork in A Pot

Pork in A Pot

by Fast food

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I love the quick collection of "Boiled Pork in Pot", teach you how to do it at home, simple and easy to learn, sweet and sour and crispy!


Pork in A Pot

1. Slice the tenderloin, put it in a bowl, add half a spoon of salt, add a spoon of chicken powder, add cooking wine, beat in 1 egg and mix well

Pork in A Pot recipe

2. Add cornstarch, add a spoonful of baking powder, and mix well

Pork in A Pot recipe

3. Add a proper amount of oil to the pot, and fry the pot when the oil is hot.

Pork in A Pot recipe

4. Boil the oil to 80%, re-fry in the pan, deep fry until golden on both sides, set aside

Pork in A Pot recipe

5. Leave oil on the bottom of the pot, saute the shredded green onion, add carrot and onion shreds, stir fry, add appropriate amount of white vinegar, sugar, light soy sauce, salt, chicken powder, stir fry until cooked

Pork in A Pot recipe

6. Add water, pour in the meat, stir fry evenly out of the pan

Pork in A Pot recipe


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