Pork Soup

Pork Soup

by Minger Kitchen

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Sooner or later, it is getting colder and colder. The yang qi in the body is converging and the cold qi is rising. Coupled with the stimulation of autumn dryness, it is easy for cold pathogens to enter the body and damage your health, so make a delicious hot soup. Today, Minger will share with you a light meat soup, this soup does not need to put a drop of oil, with meat and vegetables, the taste is light and delicious. Seeing that there are many steps, they are actually very simple. I believe that adults and children in your family will like it.


Pork Soup

1. Cut the pork tenderloin into thin slices (must be as thin as possible to make the taste more smooth and tender), add an egg white and a spoonful of starch, and grab it with your hands. If you like a stronger taste, you can add some salt and chicken essence. This step is to ensure that the meat slices are fresh and tender.

Pork Soup recipe

2. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, add sliced ginger, pepper and a few drops of cooking wine. When the pot is about to boil, turn the heat to a low heat and put the processed meat slices into the pot. After adding all of them, cook until the meat slices float up, then remove the meat slices and put them in cold water. This step must control the heat, try not to let the pot reach 100%, you can pour some cold water to control the water temperature.

Pork Soup recipe

3. Just use water for boiled pork slices, and keep the sliced ginger and pepper in the pot. Put the fungus soaked in advance.

Pork Soup recipe

4. Put in sliced ham sausage.

Pork Soup recipe

5. Season with salt, vinegar and oyster sauce.

Pork Soup recipe

6. Put in a few pieces of baby cabbage.

Pork Soup recipe

7. Add the boiled pork slices, cook until boiling, continue to cook for two or three minutes, you can eat out of the pan, you can also put a few drops of sesame oil out of the pan.
The delicious and light homemade meat soup is ready. This soup is suitable for daily consumption, and the side dishes can be added according to personal preference.

Pork Soup recipe


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