Potato and Chicken Bake

Potato and Chicken Bake

by Eyebrow Healthy Kitchen

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Potatoes do this, children love to eat them-potato chicken bake


Potato and Chicken Bake

1. Cut chicken breast into small pieces, add 1 scoop of cooking wine

Potato and Chicken Bake recipe

2. Add appropriate amount of soy sauce, sauce, pepper, and a spoonful of starch, and mix well

Potato and Chicken Bake recipe

3. Dice potatoes and blanch until broken

Potato and Chicken Bake recipe

4. Pour into the chicken breast, add appropriate amount of pepper, salt, 3 tablespoons of starch, 3 tablespoons of water, and stir well

Potato and Chicken Bake recipe

5. Heat oil in the pan, scoop the mixed potatoes and chicken breasts into the pan with a spoon, and fry them slowly on low heat until golden on both sides. Dip with appropriate amount of tomato sauce to taste better. 1

Potato and Chicken Bake recipe


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