Potato Omelette

Potato Omelette

by Li Xiaobin

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Too much trouble for pancakes or steamed tendon cakes to be hot and rolling out? This kind of egg pie is very delicious and simple. It can be rolled with potato shreds, or everything can be rolled. It is a very delicious breakfast, and I used to buy it when I was in school~


Potato Omelette

1. Add 1 tablespoon of salt to the flour, beat in the eggs, and add an appropriate amount of water

Potato Omelette recipe

2. Stir it into a batter and let it stand for 20 minutes

Potato Omelette recipe

3. Peel and shred potatoes

Potato Omelette recipe

4. Add 1 spoon of salt and pepper powder and mix well

Potato Omelette recipe

5. Put the potato shreds in an electric baking pan, pour in 1 spoon of vegetable oil, and fry until golden on both sides

Potato Omelette recipe

6. Brush the pan with oil, pour an appropriate amount of batter and fry until golden on both sides, then roll the potato shreds.

Potato Omelette recipe


The process of standing still can fully dissolve the gnocchi, it is best not to omit it


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