Preserved Egg

Preserved Egg

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The dried vegetables are made of dried radish, a specialty of Chaoshan.


Preserved Egg

1. Prepare the ingredients, then chop the green onions and dried vegetables

Preserved Egg recipe

2. The dried vegetable itself is a bit salty and sweet, so you don’t need to add salt

Preserved Egg recipe

3. Beat the eggs into the dried green onion and cauliflower, and use chopsticks to beat them

Preserved Egg recipe

4. Put the oil in the hot pan and pour in the beaten eggs

Preserved Egg recipe

5. Move the unfixed egg liquid in the pot to the surrounding

Preserved Egg recipe

6. Sprinkle a spoonful of soy sauce when left

Preserved Egg recipe


In the process of scorching eggs, control the fire to avoid getting too burnt and a little bitter.


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