Dried Vegetables recipes

Braised Rice with Sprouts and Beans

Cowpea, Sprouts, Dried Vegetables

Dried Vegetable Noodle Soup

Dried Vegetables, Fleshy, Rice Noodles

Dried Vegetable Pork Bone Soup

Pork Bone, Dried Vegetables, Candied Dates

Old-fashioned Candied Eggs

Egg, Dried Vegetables, Chives

Dried Vegetables Stewed Chicken Soup

Hen, Dried Vegetables, Shimizu

Dried Pork Lung and Vegetable Soup

Pig Lung, Dried Vegetables, Carrot

Dried Vegetables and Pig Lung Soup

Pig Lung, Candied Dates, Dried Vegetables

Assorted Hot Pot with Clear Soup

Shiitake Mushrooms, Fungus, Pork Liver

Korean Soup Noodles

Korean Fresh Noodles, Rape, Dried Vegetables

Dried Vegetables and Big Bone Soup

Pork Bone, Dried Vegetables, Carrot

Preserved Egg

Egg, Dried Vegetables, Green Onion

Chaoshan Thorn Melon Pancakes

Thorn Melon, Sweet Potato Powder, Dried Shrimp

Finger Sucking Sirloin Noodles

Japanese Style Semi-dry Egg Noodles, Cooked Beef Brisket, Dried Vegetables

Tofu and Vegetable Loofah Soup

Loofah, Tofu, Dried Vegetables