Pumpkin Black Sesame Toast

Pumpkin Black Sesame Toast

by Pretty horse po

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For many baking enthusiasts, the bread machine is more of a basis for kneading. Therefore, investigating a good bread machine is to see its kneading effect. I have been using it since PE6800. Kneading has always been at ease. The effect Very good, the new model is constantly improving, I can only say that it is getting better and better, and the kneading is getting stronger and stronger. This time, the cooked pumpkin was not pureed and put in, but directly mixed. The dough is quite uniform and the mixing ability is very strong. Three custom kneading dough takes more than half an hour to produce the film. Join the handmade bread machine bread to bring you more fun.


Pumpkin Black Sesame Toast

1. Pumpkins are cooked through high heat for 15 minutes, let cool and put in a bread bucket

Pumpkin Black Sesame Toast recipe

2. Put the main ingredients of bread into the bread bucket except butter

Pumpkin Black Sesame Toast recipe

3. Choose custom kneading, you don’t have to wait for the end of the program, you can add softened butter after the dough is smooth

Pumpkin Black Sesame Toast recipe

4. Then choose a custom kneading dough, the dough can basically be pulled out of the film, continue to knead a procedure until the film can be pulled out. Of course, you can directly use the imix program and knead it directly.

Pumpkin Black Sesame Toast recipe

5. The kneaded dough can be either naturally fermented or yogurt fermented. The time needs to be observed to be more than twice as large and then stop. Vent the made dough, add black sesame seeds and knead well, divide into three small doughs of equal size and relax for 15 minutes

Pumpkin Black Sesame Toast recipe

6. Take a small dough and roll it into a tongue shape, roll it up, roll it out again, and roll it well

Pumpkin Black Sesame Toast recipe

7. All three are ready and discharged into the bread machine, the mixing head can be removed, and the second fermentation will be doubled. Choose the baking mode, and burn for 30 minutes.

Pumpkin Black Sesame Toast recipe

8. Bake it out and let cool

Pumpkin Black Sesame Toast recipe


Pumpkin Black Sesame Toast recipe


The water content of the cooked pumpkin is not very good. The amount is only for reference and depends on the state of the dough.


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