Pumpkin Braised Rice

Pumpkin Braised Rice

by Tim Bunny

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When I was young, my mother liked to cook,
Our country likes all kinds of stewed rice


Pumpkin Braised Rice

1. Ours is called Pillow Pumpkin because it is curved in the middle

Pumpkin Braised Rice recipe

2. Cut the washed pumpkin,
Put it in the hot pot + add oil and fry until fragrant, add a little salt

Pumpkin Braised Rice recipe

3. After it's fried, put it in the rice cooker

Pumpkin Braised Rice recipe

4. Wash the rice and put it on top. Just add water to submerge a little bit above the height of the meter.

Pumpkin Braised Rice recipe

5. Start cooking

Pumpkin Braised Rice recipe

6. It's like this when it's cooked

Pumpkin Braised Rice recipe

7. You don’t have to make it look like I did. . .
It's delicious, a bit sweet and fragrant

Pumpkin Braised Rice recipe


Be sure to fry it first, it will taste better


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