Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup

Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup

by Coco's Kitchen

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Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup is a must-have soup in summer. Mung beans are sweet and cool in nature, and have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. Pumpkin is warm in nature, sweet and non-toxic. , Deworming, detoxification, cough and asthma, lung carbuncle and constipation, and diuretic, beauty and other effects.


Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup

1. After peeling the old pumpkin, cut into large pieces

Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup recipe

2. After washing the mung beans, put them in a pot and boil

Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup recipe

3. Boil the mung beans for 5 minutes, add glutinous rice and old pumpkin cubes

Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup recipe

4. Keep cooking on medium heat, be careful not to overflow the pot, cook until the mung beans bloom

Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup recipe


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