Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

by Depp Baking Lab (From Sina Weibo.)

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The oblate shape of pumpkin pie is very cute, the brown-golden outer skin is crispy and delicious. When you tear it open, you can see the full pumpkin pits, the bread tastes delicious, and the pumpkin is sweet and supple.


Pumpkin Pie

1. First make the pumpkin cubes, peel the pumpkin meat, cut into small pieces, add sugar and mix well.

Pumpkin Pie recipe

2. Put it in the Depu steamer and steam for 20min in vegetable mode

Pumpkin Pie recipe

3. Take out the steamed pumpkin meat, add the cream cheese while it is still hot, mix well

Pumpkin Pie recipe

4. Pour in milk powder and custard powder, mix into a slightly viscous pumpkin filling, refrigerate and set aside

Pumpkin Pie recipe

5. Add eggs, water, and sugar to the flour. Mix slowly for 2 minutes with a grooved mixing head. Add yeast and old noodles torn into small pieces. Let stand for 15 minutes for gluten production.

Pumpkin Pie recipe

6. Stir at a slow speed for another 2 minutes until the dough is uniform, add salt and butter and continue to beat. After the dough is pulled apart, the film reveals that the cracks are smooth. You can add walnuts and beat at slow speed for 1 minute.

Pumpkin Pie recipe

7. Take out the dough and knead it, cover it with plastic wrap and ferment for 60 minutes

Pumpkin Pie recipe

8. Cut the dough into 70 grams each, round it, put it in the fermentation tank and relax for 25 minutes

Pumpkin Pie recipe

9. The dough is flattened, and 35 grams of pumpkin is wrapped, sealed, and glued.

Pumpkin Pie recipe

10. With the seal facing down, put in a baking tray and ferment for 40 minutes.

Pumpkin Pie recipe

11. After the fermentation is over, spray water on the surface, put the almond slices into the oven

Pumpkin Pie recipe

12. After being put into Depp 809 oven and bake for 5 minutes, add two baking pans on the surface of the dough to shape the dough into pancakes;

Pumpkin Pie recipe


The powdered sugar in the filling is increased or decreased according to the sweetness of the pumpkin


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