Pumpkin Pork Ribs Soup

Pumpkin Pork Ribs Soup

by Looking for Peach Blossom Island

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Using a rice cooker to make soup has better airtightness than a soup pot, will not make the kitchen stuffy, and it is simple and convenient, very suitable for summer.


Pumpkin Pork Ribs Soup

1. Soak pork ribs to remove blood and drain. Cut the pumpkin into small pieces, slice the onion and garlic and set aside.

Pumpkin Pork Ribs Soup recipe

2. Put the ribs in the green onion and ginger water, boil and blanch the water.

Pumpkin Pork Ribs Soup recipe

3. Skim the foam, remove the ribs, and pour them into the inner pot of the IH Hypoglycemic Rice Cooker together with the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Pork Ribs Soup recipe

4. Add appropriate amount of water, pour in a little salt, cooking wine and light soy sauce and mix thoroughly.

Pumpkin Pork Ribs Soup recipe

5. Close the lid and select "Soup" for the function. The default setting time is 2 hours. Press "—" to adjust to 1 hour and start.

Pumpkin Pork Ribs Soup recipe

6. You can eat it after serving. The ribs are soft and not greasy, the pumpkin is soft and glutinous, and the soup is clear and slightly sweet.

Pumpkin Pork Ribs Soup recipe


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