Qingbuliang Chicken Soup

Qingbuliang Chicken Soup

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Guangdong Laohuo Liangtang, super simple two steps, can make a delicious refreshing cold chicken soup. To put it simply: Wash the chicken to nourish the cold and put it in a pot of boiling water, turn the heat to a low heat and simmer it for two hours.


Qingbuliang Chicken Soup

1. Wash the chicken clean and cut into pieces, and wash it with refreshing.

Qingbuliang Chicken Soup recipe

2. Put water in the pot and bring it to a boil

Qingbuliang Chicken Soup recipe

3. After the water is boiled, let the chicken cool down, put the ginger slices down together, turn to medium heat and cook for 5 minutes, then turn to low heat (the innermost core of the gas stove) and simmer for 2 hours. Do not add water on the way and do not lift the lid.

Qingbuliang Chicken Soup recipe

4. Add the right amount of salt before turning off the heat, and the delicious refreshing chicken soup is complete.

Qingbuliang Chicken Soup recipe


Do not add water during the slow boil, do not lift the lid. If the chicken is oily, use a spoon to remove the top layer of oil after turning off the heat.


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