"slutty" Potatoes

"slutty" Potatoes

by Brother Xiaoyu's private house

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Its predecessor was a rugged French civilian dish, which was also translated as juicy potatoes. Later, it was improved by the famous British chef Gordon Ramsay and became a high-end restaurant. It is now a common appetizer in British restaurants.


"slutty" Potatoes

1. Two brothers, potatoes and sweet potatoes, take off their clothes in the bath center and wait for a bath!

"slutty" Potatoes recipe

2. Look at the thickness of the belly is 2 to 3 cm!

"slutty" Potatoes recipe

3. Take a bath in the tub! Ah, the water is so cold!

"slutty" Potatoes recipe

4. Get my bath towel, I want to change the hot water!

"slutty" Potatoes recipe

5. It's hot this time! Olives also have a great taste. Is it good for the body?

"slutty" Potatoes recipe

6. So comfortable, let's rub your back with some salt and black pepper!

"slutty" Potatoes recipe

7. The tub is too small, the sweet potato brothers take it in another tub!

"slutty" Potatoes recipe

8. It used to be a milk bath, but this time I got a butter bath!

"slutty" Potatoes recipe

9. Others use petals for bathing, let's use rosemary + thyme!

"slutty" Potatoes recipe

10. Shake the tub, soak more evenly!

"slutty" Potatoes recipe

11. Change the tub again, pour the broth, and the two brothers continue to soak!

"slutty" Potatoes recipe

12. Wash it! A total consumption of 200, no bath towel wipe, 15-20 minutes drying in the dryer!

"slutty" Potatoes recipe


Haha, on a whim, I made a few comments, if you don’t understand, please watch the video!


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