Radish Beef Soup

Radish Beef Soup


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White radish, the Compendium of Materia Medica calls it "the most profitable vegetable". Today, the soup was made with beef offal, which neutralized the greasiness, and the added flavor also enriched the nutrition.


Radish Beef Soup

1. Wash and slice southern ginger

Radish Beef Soup recipe

2. Peel the white radish and cut into irregular pieces

Radish Beef Soup recipe

3. Rinse beef offal and cut into small pieces

Radish Beef Soup recipe

4. Put the cut radish, beef offal, and southern ginger into the pressure cooker, add appropriate amount of water, and turn on the fire

Radish Beef Soup recipe

5. Remove the roots of celery, wash and mince

Radish Beef Soup recipe

6. After 30 minutes, a pot of fragrant, hot beef offal soup is ready. Put some celery on it, it tastes better

Radish Beef Soup recipe


1. Celery has a stronger fragrance at the end;
2. The pressure cooker braised beef offal is relatively quick, and the offal will not be too difficult to chew.


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