Red Bayberry Crayfish

Red Bayberry Crayfish

by Xianger Kitchen

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Bayberry wine has a strong fragrance and a mellow taste. It has the functions of eliminating food and dehumidification, relieving heat and anti-cancer. Use bayberry wine instead of cooking wine to cook the crayfish. The taste is really amazing. It removes the fishy taste and enhances the flavor. It is very delicious. I think the fried crayfish is comparable to braised meat. Every family has a favorite taste. The best use of rapeseed oil is the soup. It must be big. It is best to soak the cooked crayfish in the soup for an hour before eating. The taste can only be experienced after tasting it. In the season of eating crayfish, try if you like it.


Red Bayberry Crayfish

1. Clean the crayfish with a brush first, and remove the shrimp intestines

Red Bayberry Crayfish recipe

2. Prepare the seasoning

Red Bayberry Crayfish recipe

3. Pour the oil in the hot pan, add the green onion, ginger, garlic, star anise and pepper to the warm oil to burst the fragrance

Red Bayberry Crayfish recipe

4. Turn the heat to a low heat and add the bean paste and stir fry for a nice flavor

Red Bayberry Crayfish recipe

5. Pour the crayfish and turn to high heat and stir fry until the lobster changes color

Red Bayberry Crayfish recipe

6. Pour in bayberry wine

Red Bayberry Crayfish recipe

7. Add dried chili

Red Bayberry Crayfish recipe

8. Add the braised soy sauce and stir fry evenly

Red Bayberry Crayfish recipe

9. Pour in boiling water, cover and cook thoroughly

Red Bayberry Crayfish recipe

10. Then add oil chili and stir fry evenly, then turn off the heat and bring out the pan

Red Bayberry Crayfish recipe

11. Serve

Red Bayberry Crayfish recipe


1. The Pixian bean paste is a bit salty, and adding braised soy sauce is enough, I didn’t add salt, and adjusted it according to my own taste.


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