Red Curry Beef Brisket

Red Curry Beef Brisket

by Slow rabbit ears

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This dish is a derivative of tomato sirloin. Although red curry and Thai chili sauce are used, sauces with very few ingredients and spices are specially selected to ensure the color and the richness of the ingredients, while locking the original taste of each ingredient. Compared with tomato sirloin, the advantage of this dish is that it has a rich taste and only uses a little spiciness to wake up the taste buds, giving the traditional sweet and sour savoury dish a richer taste.

Red Curry Beef Brisket

1. Prepare ingredients

Red Curry Beef Brisket recipe

2. Cut the sirloin into 2cm cubes. After soaking in water, wash it in a pot under cold water. Bring to a boil on high heat to remove any blood foam.

Red Curry Beef Brisket recipe

3. After blanching the sirloin, wash in cold water and drain for later use.

Red Curry Beef Brisket recipe

4. Slice the green onion and ginger, pour the sirloin into the pressure cooker, add 400ml cooking wine and hot water, simmer for 40 minutes, pressure 70.

Red Curry Beef Brisket recipe

5. Drain the sirloin, do not need to dry it completely, just when it is warm, go to a bowl of beef broth, chop chopped green onion and set aside.

Red Curry Beef Brisket recipe

6. Pour oil in a cold pan, add chopped green onions over low heat, add light soy sauce, red curry, and Thai chili paste for a fragrant flavor.

Red Curry Beef Brisket recipe

7. The chopped green onion becomes darker and slightly golden. Pour the tomato sauce and turn to medium heat.

Red Curry Beef Brisket recipe

8. Pour the beef broth, stir fry until the other ingredients are evenly mixed, turn to low heat and cook slowly until the curry is completely melted, then pour in the minced vegetables.

Red Curry Beef Brisket recipe

9. After the vegetable pieces become soft, pour the sirloin cubes, collect the juice on high heat, add salt when the soup is boiling, and stir fry.

Red Curry Beef Brisket recipe

10. Until the sirloin absorbs the juice evenly, the fat part of the meat is soft and rotten and colored, just turn off the heat and take it out of the pot.

Red Curry Beef Brisket recipe


1. Choose the thin and dense part of the sirloin.
2. When blanching the water, after the first boiling to defoam, add a little cold water to the pot, wait for the second boiling, continue to defoam, and go back and forth several times to make it cleaner.
3. With curry, you can choose a little green onion leaves to remove fishy and enhance the spicy taste.
4. As far as possible, choose a semi-finished product with thin salt and less sugar to better control the taste of the dish.
5. The longer the time to fry the sauce, the more mellow the taste, but the sirloin must be stir-fried when the sirloin is warm.


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