Red Date Walnut Pumpkin Hair Cake

Red Date Walnut Pumpkin Hair Cake

by coldly (from Tencent.)

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Hair cakes are a good choice for breakfast. Pumpkin is used to make hair cakes. Not only does it taste better, it also has a very high value. The yellow-orange-orange color is very pleasing! In addition, pumpkin has high nutritional value, which also improves the nutrition of steamed cakes, so breakfast is a very good choice! My mother had eaten pumpkin cakes for two days. Today I made wanton for her breakfast, but my mother asked, what about the cakes I ate earlier? I decisively steamed two pieces and was eaten by my mother in twos or threes! Mom said, "It's fluffy, it's not sticky at all, and it's delicious. Adding walnuts and red dates is highly nutritious, and eating a few more pieces is good for your health." Well, this is to do more after Tis me, it's rare for my mother to be so high Now let’s share the practice with everyone publicly, let’s learn and make it for your family!


Red Date Walnut Pumpkin Hair Cake

1. Peel the pumpkin and cut it into small pieces, put it in a pot and steam until it is soft and rotten. Remove the pits of the red dates. Take half of the walnuts and red dates and cut into small pieces, and keep the whole half.

Red Date Walnut Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe

2. The steamed pumpkin can be pureed with a food processor, or it can be pureed directly with a spoon. After cooling, add milk and dry yeast. Add fine sugar, a little salt, and flour according to personal preference. Sift into the pumpkin paste, and stir with egg soot. mixing

Red Date Walnut Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe

3. Add chopped red dates and walnuts to the batter, mix well

Red Date Walnut Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe

4. Wet the guggulhof mold with water, put a few walnuts and red dates on the bottom, and pour the mixed batter into the guggulhof mold

Red Date Walnut Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe

5. Put warm water in the pot, put the batter in the pot and ferment until it is about eighth full of the mold, that is, ferment to 2-3 times the size. After the water in the steamer is boiled, put it in and steam for about 30-35 minutes

Red Date Walnut Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe

6. After being steamed, let it dry for a while, and then press the edge of the hair cake with your hands to separate the mold, and then knock it upside down and knock it out twice.

Red Date Walnut Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe


The mold can be wetted with water or painted with a layer of oil to prevent sticking


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