Refreshing Beef Ribs

Refreshing Beef Ribs

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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Niu Banjin is a favorite snack for children, and always go to the supermarket to buy it. But the takeaway looks good in color and there are too many additives. I tried to make it myself, and the taste is really good. The child likes it very much. I don’t put too much chili, but I think it tastes just right.


Refreshing Beef Ribs

1. The beef ribs are first boiled in a pressure cooker for half an hour

Refreshing Beef Ribs recipe

2. Take out and let cool

Refreshing Beef Ribs recipe

3. Prepare chili powder, sesame seeds and cumin. I polished the chili powder by myself with a food processor

Refreshing Beef Ribs recipe

4. Put the cumin and sesame seeds into the dry grinding cup of the food processor and grind them into powder

Refreshing Beef Ribs recipe

5. Chili powder, cumin, sesame powder, salt, sugar and close

Refreshing Beef Ribs recipe

6. Pour about a bowl of boiling water and stir the seasoning well

Refreshing Beef Ribs recipe

7. Let the beef slab tendon cool and use a blade to thin

Refreshing Beef Ribs recipe

8. Put it in the mixed seasoning

Refreshing Beef Ribs recipe

9. Just mix well, it tastes better after half an hour

Refreshing Beef Ribs recipe


The amount of seasoning is arbitrarily adjusted according to personal preferences. When the beef slab tendon is cooked in the pressure cooker, add some cooking wine.


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