Ribs Braised Rice

Ribs Braised Rice

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Germ rice is rich in nutrients. It is suitable for making porridge or steamed rice. The addition of ribs is even more delicious.


Ribs Braised Rice

1. Prepare peas and diced carrots.

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

2. Soak the germ rice for 30 minutes

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

3. Wash the ribs and drain them, blanch them, and use the old soup sauce.

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

4. Put the ingredients in the rice cooker

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

5. Add sauce ribs

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

6. Add the right amount of water

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

7. Press the button to start cooking

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

8. The rice is cooked in about 40 minutes, and the fragrant pork ribs are stuffed with rice.

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

9. "Renliang prefers germ rice, a good partner for a healthy diet" into a bowl.

Ribs Braised Rice recipe


The germ rice needs to be soaked for 30 minutes to make the rice soft and sweet. Pork ribs are better when they are cooked, and they have a fishy smell when they are raw.


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