Rice Noodles

Rice Noodles

by Hyeko loves baking

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I originally planned to make rice noodles, but it doesn't look like it looks good, but fortunately it tastes good, so let's just call it rice noodles.


Rice Noodles

1. Rice

Rice Noodles recipe

2. Soak overnight

Rice Noodles recipe

3. Prepare the side dishes, match them as you like

Rice Noodles recipe

4. Wash the soaked rice, add 250 grams of water, and use a wall breaker to make a rice slurry

Rice Noodles recipe

5. Pour the rice milk into a bowl, add cornstarch, orange powder

Rice Noodles recipe

6. Stir it into a smooth and delicate batter

Rice Noodles recipe

7. Oil the plate and pour a spoonful of batter

Rice Noodles recipe

8. Sprinkle with side dishes

Rice Noodles recipe

9. Boil the water, steam in the pot until transparent

Rice Noodles recipe

10. Remove with spatula

Rice Noodles recipe

11. Load into the disk

Rice Noodles recipe

12. Top with light soy sauce, sesame oil, and mushroom sauce.
"Good rice is produced from a good ecology, and hard grains prefer high-quality polished rice."

Rice Noodles recipe


Selected rice, rich in fragrant rice. \nUse good rice to make good food.


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