Rose Kidney Bean Mooncake

Rose Kidney Bean Mooncake

by Dietitian radish

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, homemade moon cakes of rose kidney beans, the whole process is done by yourself, no additives, nourishment, delicious and healthy! !


Rose Kidney Bean Mooncake

1. Soak the white kidney beans and peel off the skin. Press in a pressure cooker for 30 minutes.

Rose Kidney Bean Mooncake recipe

2. Pour white sugar into the pressed white kidney beans and press the white kidney beans into a paste.

Rose Kidney Bean Mooncake recipe

3. Put oil in the pot, fry the white kidney beans into the pot and stir constantly to prevent the pot from getting stuck!

Rose Kidney Bean Mooncake recipe

4. Stir-fry the filling until it is dry and thick, add rose paste, divide into 8 small portions, put in the refrigerator and freeze, set aside

Rose Kidney Bean Mooncake recipe

5. Put invert syrup, flour, baking soda, peanut oil, and water in a bowl and mix well

Rose Kidney Bean Mooncake recipe

6. Pour the flour, mix well, and form a dough.

Rose Kidney Bean Mooncake recipe

7. Divide the mixed dough evenly into 8 small portions, spread out the dough and wrap it with slightly frozen fillings.

Rose Kidney Bean Mooncake recipe

8. Put the wrapped cake blank into a 50g mold and press mold

Rose Kidney Bean Mooncake recipe

9. Spread the egg liquid evenly on the pressed moon cake. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes, and the fragrant rose kidney bean mooncakes are out! !

Rose Kidney Bean Mooncake recipe


It must be noted that the filling must be stirred continuously, otherwise it will be easy to paste. When the filling is frozen, you can make the mooncake crust, and when the mooncake crust is finished, take the filling out and make the mooncake immediately. The mooncake wrapper should be wrapped immediately after making it. Do not leave it for too long. If it is stored for a short time, it should also be placed in the refrigerator.


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