Royal Chicken Wings

Royal Chicken Wings

by An Xiaochu 520

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The soft and tasty chicken wings are attractive in color and have an endless aftertaste of wine. It is a famous dish in Dujiangyan area.


Royal Chicken Wings

1. Wash chicken wings and remove remaining feathers; peel the carrots and cut into hob pieces.

Royal Chicken Wings recipe

2. Pour in the cooking wine, 5g salt and pepper, then marinate for half an hour.

Royal Chicken Wings recipe

3. Put water in the pot, boil the chicken wings and blanch them, and remove the water to dry.

Royal Chicken Wings recipe

4. Put oil in the wok, heat to 50% heat, put the shallots, ginger slices and pepper in the pan until fragrant, pour the chicken wings and stir fry until the color changes.

Royal Chicken Wings recipe

5. Pour the carrots in, add the broth and wine, simmer on a slow fire until the juice is thick and the meat is soft, then add 3g of salt to serve.

Royal Chicken Wings recipe


This dish is the lychee flavor of Sichuan cuisine. It has a sour taste and a sweet aftertaste. You must master the heat and let it simmer slowly to taste it.

The imperial concubine chicken wings are different from the cola chicken wings. Although they have a sweet taste, the slightly sour taste of the imperial concubine chicken wings just opens up the taste buds and makes the flavor of the back become richer and more delicious in the mouth~ This dish is not an adult or a small pot Friends, they are all very popular~~~~~~ Everyone can try it out. Don’t forget to take a photo and hand in the homework after you learn it~~ I’m Chef An, a funny foodie who loves food. I really like the food sharing platform of Gourmet Jie. If you are interested in food or baking, you can add me weixin: anxiaochu521. Please note "Gourmet Jie" when you add it~~


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