Sakura Manju

Sakura Manju

by Bai Bai Baiyun OoO

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My hometown is in Wuhan, because this spring's cherry blossom season did not go back to see the Wuhan University cherry blossoms due to the epidemic. I made a few cherry blossom buns to express my homesickness!

Sakura Manju

1. Put all the ingredients except fruit and vegetable powder into the bread machine to start a kneading program

Sakura Manju recipe

2. Remove the de-mixed dough from the bread machine, divide it into two portions, add red yeast rice flour and pumpkin flour, and knead evenly.

Sakura Manju recipe

3. Divide the red dough into six doses, round and let stand for ten minutes, then take out one of the doses and roll it into a 5 cm thick circle

Sakura Manju recipe

4. Cut the dough evenly by five or six knives into five or six pieces without cutting in the middle, and then cut two small knives on each piece

Sakura Manju recipe

5. Pinch each corner and use a cutting die with sharp corners to cut off the edges of the petals.

Sakura Manju recipe

6. Roll out the yellow dough and use a flower die to cut out a flower piece and place it in the middle of the red dough piece, and press it at the center point with the tip of a chopstick. A sakura bun is ready

Sakura Manju recipe

7. Put the finished sakura dough into the steaming grid of the steamer to ferment to 1.5 times its size, steam it in a pot on cold water for 12 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 2 minutes before taking it out of the pot.

Sakura Manju recipe


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