Sakura Rice Ball

Sakura Rice Ball

by Tian Luo girl

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There is a gossip saying that because this year is a warm winter (it seems that every gossip says it is warm winter, it is really warmer and warmer every year), so the cherry blossoms bloomed earlier than in previous years~
Oh, but it has nothing to do with the ingredients of this dish. After all, the only cherry blossoms that can be eaten seem to be the double cherry, which belongs to the evening cherry. The flowering period is from late spring to early summer...
However, goose, after all, I think about it every day (what to eat in the morning, what to eat at noon, what to eat at night, what to eat for snacks, what to eat for supper), I have caught a source of inspiration! That's everything about salted cherry blossoms! In the previous article, I was complained that the cherry blossoms were not good-looking after being baked on the biscuits. It was unnecessary to "smooth the heat" and was a waste of precious ingredients. Accept criticism, because salted cherry blossoms are indeed a light luxury product in the ingredients, but-my salted cherry blossoms are made by myself... the only price is... the eyes of others when carrying two big bags of cherry blossoms back to the bedroom It's a bit weird... (I really don't use it for a bath!)


Sakura Rice Ball

1. The salted cherry blossoms are separated in advance, and the salt on the surface is washed away

Sakura Rice Ball recipe

2. Random mix a little bit of rice and all kinds of grains

Sakura Rice Ball recipe

3. Add a little water, you can put a little sweet potato on top, steam it in the pot

Sakura Rice Ball recipe

4. Then stir it a little, add the salted cherry blossoms and continue steaming for a while

Sakura Rice Ball recipe

5. Then it's a big invitation. Add a little salt and the plum vinegar that is used to soak the cherry blossoms (of course, if the cherry blossoms are bought by yourself, add some sushi vinegar)

Sakura Rice Ball recipe

6. Then it can be sorted into rice balls~~ It's super easy!

Sakura Rice Ball recipe


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