Saliva Chicken

Saliva Chicken


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Saliva Chicken

1. Wash the chicken drumsticks and put them in the pot. Add cold water to cover the chicken drumsticks. Add a few slices of ginger, pepper and some cooking wine. Bring to a high heat and turn to medium heat for 15-20 minutes. If the chicken drumsticks are particularly large, cook for a while. Cook it.

Saliva Chicken recipe

2. Take the cooked chicken drumsticks out, put a few chopsticks in it and soak it in cold water for a while. Then tear the chicken into strips and arrange it on a plate. I finally tore it at will. Haha, you can take a look

Saliva Chicken recipe

3. Mince garlic, chopped chives, mince chives.

Saliva Chicken recipe

4. Heat the pot and add the appropriate amount of oil and pepper to a low heat until fragrant. Take out the pepper and do not pour the hot oil into the ingredients you just prepared. ➕ Add sweet and sour salt light soy sauce cooked sesame peanuts. Pour into the prepared chicken dish.

Saliva Chicken recipe

5. I fry the peanuts black, you must pay attention to the low heat. Haha but the taste is sour, sweet and spicy. Very delicious

Saliva Chicken recipe


Pay attention to the heat of the peanuts. After pouring the juice, soak it for a while to eat better.


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