Scallion Perch

Scallion Perch

by Ball doll

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This dish is very light and delicious. The perch bone is rarely suitable for those who are afraid of trouble! "


Scallion Perch

1. Prepare the ingredients, clean the sea bass, spread salt evenly, pour in the cooking wine, and put the green onion and ginger until the fish maw is marinated for a while.

Scallion Perch recipe

2. Just use the fish belly to fill the green onion and ginger.

Scallion Perch recipe

3. Put the fish in the steamer and steam for 5 minutes.

Scallion Perch recipe

4. After steaming, pour out the steamed fish water, green onion and ginger, three spoons of steamed fish soy sauce and one spoon of sugar to make a sauce and pour on the steamed fish.

Scallion Perch recipe

5. Pour sesame oil and corn oil in a frying pan to heat. Place the fish with scallions and ginger, and pour it over with hot oil.

Scallion Perch recipe

6. The delicious sea bass is just fine!

Scallion Perch recipe


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