Sea Coconut Chicken Soup

Sea Coconut Chicken Soup

by For the cat _XYZ

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Sea coconut has the effects of moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, nourishing yin and eliminating dryness. Together with the chicken that is sweet and warm in nature, warms the middle and nourishes qi, it calms the mind and nourishes the heart, nourishes the deficiency and essence, invigorates the spleen and stomach, and promotes blood circulation.


Sea Coconut Chicken Soup

1. Boil chicken in cold water

Sea Coconut Chicken Soup recipe

2. Chicken, sea coconut, ginger slices, red dates and carrots in a stew pot

Sea Coconut Chicken Soup recipe

3. Add appropriate amount of water and simmer for two hours

Sea Coconut Chicken Soup recipe

4. Add salt and enjoy

Sea Coconut Chicken Soup recipe


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