Sea Cucumber Soup

Sea Cucumber Soup

by The mother who doesn't want to be a cook is not a good daughter

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My husband must drink three bowls of sea cucumber pimple soup the next day after drinking. I will be very happy to see him drink vigorously. Later, my daughter likes to drink this pimple soup, so I can look at both of them every time. Drank soup together, full of happiness.


Sea Cucumber Soup

1. Tomatoes, radishes, peeled rapeseed, washed eggs, sea cucumbers, and set aside

Sea Cucumber Soup recipe

2. Beat eggs, chopped green onion, chopped other ingredients and set aside

Sea Cucumber Soup recipe

3. Heat oil in a pot, add green onion and sauté until fragrant, add a bowl of boiling water, add diced radish, boil and change to medium-low heat

Sea Cucumber Soup recipe

4. Turn on the faucet and keep it dripping. Put the flour under the faucet and keep stirring until there is no dry powder. Pour the mixed gnocchi into the pot, stirring side by side to avoid clumping.
Then add appropriate amount of water, pour in the sea cucumber diced, cook for a while, add the beaten eggs, and rapeseed, stir evenly, and collect the soup on high heat until it looks a bit sticky. The pimple soup will become sticky after a while. , So it is necessary to master the concentration of the soup.
Finally, add the right amount of chicken essence and it will be out of the pot

Sea Cucumber Soup recipe


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