Seafood and Vegetable Porridge

Seafood and Vegetable Porridge

by Chen Zi

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Vegetables and seafood porridge. Dry rice in autumn does not even have the desire to start a product. When staying up late, the stomach will always feel uncomfortable. At this time, it is suitable for a bowl of light porridge!


Seafood and Vegetable Porridge

1. Shred carrots and slice ginger.

Seafood and Vegetable Porridge recipe

2. Turn over the skin of the shrimp head at the junction of the shrimp head and the shrimp body, and the shrimp intestines will also be pulled out. Then remove the thing that looks like the brain of a shrimp, and rinse it with water to dry it.

Seafood and Vegetable Porridge recipe

3. Shrimp and sixties are cleaned and set aside.

Seafood and Vegetable Porridge recipe

4. Pass the sixtieth birthday to the boiling water.

Seafood and Vegetable Porridge recipe

5. First cook the porridge until the rice grains swell and bloom, then add shrimp and ginger slices and cook for about 8 minutes.
After 8 minutes, add the carrots and cook for about 5 minutes.
Add the bean sprouts and flower beetle and cook for 2 minutes (don’t worry about the shrimps being overcooked, because the prawns will taste more fresh when cooked with their shells, and the prawns will be more elastic.)
Season with salt!

Seafood and Vegetable Porridge recipe

6. Throwing cilantro in will make... complete! (If you like pepper, you can sprinkle some pepper to make it fresh and taste better!)

Seafood and Vegetable Porridge recipe


1. Most of the shrimps purchased outside are farmed shrimps, so the shrimp heads are very dirty and must be removed and cooked. (Suddenly miss the sea prawns at home, the ones that can eat even the head!) Wild sea prawns do not need to be treated like this. Because it will be very clean if it is in the sea!
2. If you are worried about the sand in the sixtieth, you can pass the boiling water first, and pick it up immediately after the shell opens!


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