Seafood Braised Noodles

Seafood Braised Noodles

by Zheng Xuejun (From WeChat.)

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Everyone is eating lentil braised noodles with ribs braised noodles. I seem to prefer seafood braised noodles


Seafood Braised Noodles

1. Wash the squid head and clean the green prawns to remove the shrimp line

Seafood Braised Noodles recipe

2. Saute the green onion and ginger with hot oil, add the squid and crayfish and stir-fry until they are half-ripe.

Seafood Braised Noodles recipe

3. Spread the noodles evenly on top of the seafood, cover with the lid and simmer for 15 minutes

Seafood Braised Noodles recipe

4. When the soup is collected, stir fry a few times to mix the seafood soup with the noodles evenly, put some thyme and some pepper if you like pepper

Seafood Braised Noodles recipe


The seafood needs to be boiled for a while so that the soup will be richer


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