Seafood Chowder Soup

Seafood Chowder Soup

by Minger Kitchen

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Now that the weather is getting hotter and sultry, the appetite will be relatively low, and the children are tired from online classes. At this special stage, in the daily diet, nutrition must be up to standard. I remember that I said in the first few days that both adults and children in my family are in the weight loss stage, so the diet must ensure that no meat grows while ensuring nutrition. Today’s seafood chowder soup can meet these two requirements. And it tastes delicious, the whole family loves to drink it.


Seafood Chowder Soup

1. First process the ingredients. Make sure that the razor clams are spit out and cleaned; the shrimp is thawed and the shrimp thread is removed; the scallop meat is removed from the tail of the small black ball; the tomato is peeled and cut into small cubes; the enoki mushroom is cut off the root; .

Seafood Chowder Soup recipe

2. Heat up the pan and heat the oil, add the onion and ginger in the oil, sauté fragrant, add the diced tomatoes and some salt and stir fry.

Seafood Chowder Soup recipe

3. Stir-fry the tomatoes until the water is viscous, pour in an appropriate amount of water, add the tofu skin and enoki mushrooms in turn.

Seafood Chowder Soup recipe

4. After boiling, add the scallop meat and shrimp to a boil over high heat.

Seafood Chowder Soup recipe

5. Place the razor clams evenly on the ingredients in the pot.

Seafood Chowder Soup recipe

6. Finally, put a few small rapeseeds, add appropriate amount of salt and oyster sauce to taste, and you can get out of the pan after boiling again.

Seafood Chowder Soup recipe


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