Seafood Gnocchi

Seafood Gnocchi

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I brought some sea crabs and cooked a lot of dishes. This gnocchi can be used as a dish or as a meal. It is really affordable.


Seafood Gnocchi

1. When the sea crab is processed, remove the stomach, heart, and pick out the crab roe from the crab shell. The rest are cut into strands, and the crab legs are also removed from the front part that has no meat.

Seafood Gnocchi recipe

2. Peel and shred when blooming at night.

Seafood Gnocchi recipe

3. Saute the garlic with cold oil in a hot pan, pour into the silk that blooms at night, and fry until cooked.

Seafood Gnocchi recipe

4. Add the cut crab meat and continue to stir-fry, because the crab is cooked, just one minute.

Seafood Gnocchi recipe

5. Add water, salt, cooking wine and bring to a boil.

Seafood Gnocchi recipe

6. Mix flour and water to make a batter, set aside.

Seafood Gnocchi recipe

7. When the soup in the pot is boiled, spoon the batter into the soup and wait for it to be cooked.

Seafood Gnocchi recipe

8. When the gnocchi is almost cooked, add the chopped leeks and cook it for a while. Just do this for the fragrant gnocchi. It's really fresh.

Seafood Gnocchi recipe


It's more delicious with chopped green onions.


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