Seaweed Rice Burger

Seaweed Rice Burger

by 々Miao∴

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Seaweed Rice Burger

1. Beat eggs into the pork filling, add chopped green onions, half a spoon of starch, soy sauce, black pepper, mixed spices, and salt, and stir well;

Seaweed Rice Burger recipe

2. The mixed meat is kneaded into small balls and pressed into 5 patties;

Seaweed Rice Burger recipe

3. Add appropriate amount of vinegar, sesame oil and a little salt to the rice and mix well;

Seaweed Rice Burger recipe

4. Dip cold water with both hands to make the mixed rice into 10 rice cakes the size of meatloaf;

Seaweed Rice Burger recipe

5. Add a small amount of oil to the pan and fry the rice cake until both sides are crispy and fragrant and slightly yellow;

Seaweed Rice Burger recipe

6. The meatloaf is cooked until golden on both sides;

Seaweed Rice Burger recipe

7. The fried rice cakes are coated with Chobe Thousand Island sauce;

Seaweed Rice Burger recipe

8. Then sandwich the patties between the two rice patties and serve as a rice burger. Add a piece of seaweed at the end.

Seaweed Rice Burger recipe


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