Secret Chicken Drumstick Rice

What do you eat for lunch at work?
It has become a very difficult multiple choice question..
I have to worry about what to eat every day for a long time~
Racking my brains and all kinds of entangled ordering good meals,
I have to wait for a long, long time~

Looking at the food in other people’s bowls,
I can't help but swallow saliva down my throat~
But I can't wait for the share I ordered...
Interview, how many people can't escape this robbery?

The fairies may be okay~
No matter whether a fast food is good or bad, at least it can be full~
But your male ticket (or baby father),
This thing may only be stuffed between teeth~

I am envious of those who bring their own lunch every day...
But when I think about it, I have to buy vegetables to prepare, and I have to wash the pots and dishes.
And I'm tired and tired at work...
I was envious and flinched again~~

In fact, there are several items such as grocery shopping + washing dishes, etc.
It doesn’t take much time to really do it~
In the end, you may just be lazy~~

A lot of delicious, nutritious, simple and attractive bento,
But it can be easily done in 20 minutes,
(Includes the time to wash the dishes~)

Think about the takeaways that have been eaten but are not at ease in my heart~
Do you want to try it too?







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How to Make It

1. Group photo of ingredients
2. Cut the chicken thigh along the thinnest part with scissors~
3. Cut the posterior inner side with scissors, and then take out the chicken bone~
I will keep the chicken bones in the soup, the ones that are not processed are especially clean~
If you are not using it, and your hands-on skills are strong, you can pick it up more cleanly, don't waste it~
4. After finishing cleaning, remove excess water~
Add salt and thirteen incense, grab and mix~
5. Cut the green onion and ginger into large pieces that are easy to pick out.
Put it in the chicken drumstick and mix evenly,
Marinate for more than 1 hour~
6. Put a little carrot in the lunch box, which can improve the appearance and can also be nutritionally matched~
Can be made into small flowers, cut into round pieces if you don’t like to do it~
7. Let's see how it becomes a small flower drop~
First cut diagonally on the cylinder~
8. Then the cross section is like this,
Just cut into 0.2-0.3 mm thin slices~
9. The leftover pieces of carrot flowers,
You can cut it into cubes and put it in the chicken thighs~
Try not to waste as much as possible~
Cut spinach into 5-6 cm sections,
Of course, you can also use other vegetables instead~
10. Heat the pot and let off the oil~
11. Pick out the green onion and ginger from the leg,
Spread the chicken skin down into the pot,
Put the green onion and ginger in the pot, don't stick to the chicken thigh~
Adjust to medium and low heat and fry slowly~
12. Turn over after the chicken skin is shaped,
(Don’t flip it right away as soon as you put it in)~
13. The noodles are repeatedly fried,
Until it turns yellow and slightly burnt~
14. The way can be stamped,
Facilitate to be heated evenly..
15. Put the shacha sauce, light soy sauce, and dark soy sauce in a bowl and mix thoroughly~
16. Pour the adjusted sauce into the pot, and fill in a small bowl of water~
17. Simmer slowly on low fire~
18. Turn it over several times in the middle, until the soup is rich~
19. Slice it and drizzle with soup, ~
Blanch the spinach and carrots with hot water and then put them on the plate together~
It is a dish that has a good appearance and a special meal~
Drumsticks are lute legs: 2 for two people~
Shacha sauce: You can use honey or rock sugar instead, it tastes different, but it's also delicious~.
Seasoning: Different brands have different taste concentrations. The amount is for reference only and needs to be increased or decreased as appropriate.
If you are not sure, you can reduce the amount first, and add again if it is not enough~