Secret Chili Sauce

Secret Chili Sauce

In winter, I sometimes want to eat some spicy food to warm my stomach, and I am afraid that there are too many additives to buy outside. Make some yourself, healthy and sanitary, and eat at ease.







by Ting Xiaoting

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How to make it (Secret Chili Sauce)

1. Prepare the ingredients, peel the garlic and ginger, and wash the hot sauce
Secret Chili Sauce recipe
2. Crush the garlic and ginger together. Small granules are fine, no need to puree
Secret Chili Sauce recipe
3. Wash the millet peppers and smash them
Secret Chili Sauce recipe
4. The red chili peppers are also finely chopped
Secret Chili Sauce recipe
5. After the ingredients are ready, put the oil in a pot and heat to 70% hot
Secret Chili Sauce recipe
6. After the oil is hot, put the minced garlic, ginger, hot sauce and millet pepper into the pot together, and add a spoonful of salt
Secret Chili Sauce recipe
7. Stir fry over medium heat until the water absorbs and becomes viscous
Secret Chili Sauce recipe
8. Put the fried chili sauce in a glass bottle and put it in the refrigerator after cooling.
Secret Chili Sauce recipe

1. The quantity of millet peppers can be adjusted according to your own taste. You can add more if you like spicy, or less if you don't like it. \n2. Salt can be added in an appropriate amount, which is conducive to preservation. \n3. It can be low or medium heat when stir-frying, depending on your hand speed


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