Sesame Spinach

Sesame Spinach

by Xiao Xiaoduo and Buns

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Spring is the season to eat spinach. Stir-fry spinach, mix spinach, cook soup, and eat whatever you want. It is also simple and convenient to do.


Sesame Spinach

1. Spinach plucks rotten leaves, yellow leaves, roots, and cleans them. Boil water in a pot on the stove.

Sesame Spinach recipe

2. Soak a small handful of wolfberry in warm water and wash it.

Sesame Spinach recipe

3. Take a small bowl, a small spoonful of sugar, a little salt, and an appropriate amount of rice vinegar to make the sauce first. Today I made it with sweet and sour taste, so I used sugar and vinegar to taste, and only a little salt is needed to assist the seasoning. If you don’t like the sweet and sour taste, just use light soy sauce and sesame oil to taste.

Sesame Spinach recipe

4. The amount of cooked white sesame seeds.

Sesame Spinach recipe

5. After the water boils, pour a little oil and a little salt, and then pour the spinach into the blanching water. Oil and salt help the greens maintain their verdant color and crisp taste.

Sesame Spinach recipe

6. Use chopsticks or a spatula to quickly turn it over to blanch the spinach evenly for half a minute to a minute, and it will change color.

Sesame Spinach recipe

7. Drain the spinach and put it on a plate.

Sesame Spinach recipe

8. Sprinkle white sesame seeds, wolfberry, sweet and sour sauce, and a small amount of sesame oil.

Sesame Spinach recipe

9. Stir it quickly while it's hot, because it's still hot, one can stimulate the seasoning, and the other is to prevent the vegetables from being browned. Because the room temperature is still very low, it is hot mix. If the temperature is high, you can blanch the water and let it cool for a while before seasoning.

Sesame Spinach recipe


1. Pick fresh spinach, no rotten leaves, no bolting and flowering.
2. Spinach contains oxalic acid, so it is recommended to blanch it before eating.
3. Today's sesame spinach is sweet and sour. If you don't like it, just season it with light soy sauce and sesame oil.


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