Shanghai Carp Rice Cake

Shanghai Carp Rice Cake

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Shanghai’s traditional breakfast is famous for its “Four King Kong”, “Bread, Fried You Tiao, Zan Rice, Soy Milk”. According to another view, the “Four King Kong” is replaced by rice cakes in the “Four King Kong”. Shanghai’s popularity, rice cakes are dried and usually served with soy milk. Since the breakfast is both fried, the breakfast stalls that make rice cakes often coexist with the dough stick stalls. It's hard to find the rice cakes in Chinese fast food restaurants, but Chinese restaurants are increasingly classifying the rice cakes as dim sum, the cuts are more delicate and the presentation is better. Another tradition of the rice cake is that the housewife often uses the leftovers at home to cook the oil into the rice cake early the next morning. This not only solves the family's breakfast problem, but also makes rational use of the leftovers.


Shanghai Carp Rice Cake

1. Wash the rice and pour it into the rice cooker

Shanghai Carp Rice Cake recipe

2. Add water and cook the rice

Shanghai Carp Rice Cake recipe

3. The cooked rice is hot, add salt and stir well

Shanghai Carp Rice Cake recipe

4. Put it in the mold and compact

Shanghai Carp Rice Cake recipe

5. Take out the slices

Shanghai Carp Rice Cake recipe

6. Put the oil in the pan to heat, put the rice cakes in the pan and fry

Shanghai Carp Rice Cake recipe

7. Fry both sides to golden brown

Shanghai Carp Rice Cake recipe


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