Shiba Inu Gnocchi

Shiba Inu Gnocchi

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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Time is fast, and with the sound of New Year’s firecrackers slowly going away, we ushered in the second festival of 2021: Lantern Festival.

Every traditional festival has a corresponding traditional cuisine.

Every household eats Lantern Festival during the Lantern Festival. In the south of our country, Lantern Festival is usually called "tangyuan" because it floats on the water after boiling, and it is so beautiful that it is reminiscent of a bright moon hanging in the sky.

There is a bright moon in the sky, glutinous rice balls in a bowl, and families are reunited, symbolizing auspicious reunion. Therefore, eating Lantern Festival has the wish for family reunion. The advent of the Lantern Festival also means the end of the Spring Festival, and people have left their hometowns one after another. Therefore, eating Lantern Festival during the Lantern Festival is also missing the parting relatives and entrusting good wishes for future life.
Tangyuan can be bought everywhere, and there is nothing special about it. For traditional festivals, the ritual sense of the festival is more when you do it yourself! I took my child to make cute Shiba Inu glutinous rice balls. The son who never liked to eat glutinous rice balls ate four in one go! In addition to making it more delicious, the recipe for glutinous rice balls is the softest and most delicate glutinous rice balls I have ever eaten. This recipe does not use a drop of water. The glutinous rice balls kneaded by the lactone tofu are more likely to form a ball. It won't be soft and deformed, and the taste is more elastic, and it also has the fragrance of tofu.

Recommended index 5 stars! The method is actually very simple, and small pot friends can easily get started!

The Lantern Festival is here. I will teach you how to make Shiba Inu dumplings. It’s a joyous celebration, and the whole family will be prosperous in the new year!
This recipe can make about 30 or 40 small glutinous rice balls. A family of three just finished eating. If there are too many people, it is recommended to increase the amount~

For the sauce, if you don’t have brown sugar, you can use brown sugar. The taste and color of brown sugar are better; the rice wine can not be added or not, but the taste will be slightly different. The sauce can be used on its own, which can be sweet, salty, or sour. Can be spicy. Potato starch can also be replaced with other starches, both corn starch and wheat starch, mainly to increase viscosity and gloss. Nothing can be omitted directly, the taste is the same, and the finished product will be more brilliant if starch is added.


Shiba Inu Gnocchi

1. The ingredients are ready.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

2. Pour glutinous rice flour into a clean container, and then add lactone tofu.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

3. Knead it directly with your hands.
Using lactone tofu instead of water, the kneaded glutinous rice balls are more likely to form a dough, and will not become soft and deformed after cooking, and the taste is more elastic, and with the fragrance of tofu, the taste is the best.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

4. Roll the glutinous rice balls into long strips and cut into small doughs of about 15g each.
Set aside a small piece of glutinous rice ball and cover it with plastic wrap, and save it for the ears, eyebrows and nose. The red bean fillings are also prepared in advance, divided into small balls of 5 grams each, and rounded for later use.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

5. Take a glutinous rice dumpling, squeeze it, and pack in 5g of red bean paste. Close your mouth and squeeze tightly. Use your hands to fully round the circle, then slightly arrange the ball into an oval shape and place it in a spoon. Sprinkle a little potato starch in the spoon to prevent sticking.
Take the remaining glutinous rice ball, divide it into 1g, knead it into an oval shape, flatten it slightly, and place it on the lower part of the middle of the big dough. The Shiba Inu's nose is ready.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

6. Take two glutinous rice balls the size of rice grains, roll them into an oval shape, and place them on the eyebrows.
The glutinous rice ball is very sticky, and it can stick very firmly without using water.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

7. Finally, make the ears, 0.5g each, pinch it into a triangle, and place it on the head and ears. The bottom of the ears can be slightly moistened with water so that the ears will not fall off when they are cooked. A complete Shiba Inu head is ready.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

8. Now let's make Shiba Inu's butt. The buttocks are slightly simpler than the head. Take 0.5g of glutinous rice dough, knead it into a drop shape, then arrange it into a shape with a thick end and a thin end, and then arrange it into a curved tail shape.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

9. Place the tail on the big round glutinous rice dumpling and poke out the PP position with a toothpick. .

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

10. Put it in a spoon to prevent deformation.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

11. With the aid of a toothpick, press out the dividing line of the PP to make the feeling of two petals.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

12. Part of it is done, let’s cook it first.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

13. Then you can cook glutinous rice balls. After the water is boiled, the glutinous rice balls and the spoon are directly put into the boiling water. After the water is boiled, the glutinous rice balls will fall off and leave the spoon. If the glutinous rice balls stick to the spoon, gently push it with the chopsticks to separate them easily. Cook it for about three minutes, it doesn’t matter if it takes longer, and remove it after it’s cooked.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

14. Take out the cooked glutinous rice balls and place them on a plate.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

15. The glutinous rice balls that were picked up first made expressions, and used tweezers to pinch black sesame seeds to show Xiao Chai's eyes and buttocks.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

16. Cut the seaweed into triangles and use it as the tip of the nose to stick it well.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe

17. The potato starch is boiled with water first, pour it into a small pot, then add brown sugar and light soy sauce, and cook on low heat until the soup is thick. After the glutinous rice balls are cooked, take them out and pour the sauce directly on them. Use a small brush to stain the brown sugar sauce on the top, and eat it while it is hot.

Shiba Inu Gnocchi recipe


The operation in the spoon is convenient for adding ears and other parts behind and avoiding deformation. There are really not so many spoons left. If you put it directly on the countertop, sprinkle some potato starch to prevent sticking.
Another advantage of using a spoon is that it can be cooked directly in the pot, and the finished shape will not be damaged by holding it by hand.


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