Shredded Chicken

Shredded Chicken

by Gourmet Princess Hideri

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Shredded Chicken

1. Cut cucumber and carrot into shreds, and shred the fungus after soaking.

Shredded Chicken recipe

2. Boil the chicken breast in a pot under water, turn the pot to medium-low heat and cook for 10 minutes, remove and let cool

Shredded Chicken recipe

3. Let the chicken breasts cool down for blanching shredded carrots and fungus, and then blanch them for later

Shredded Chicken recipe

4. Tahini, the taste is very fresh, white vinegar, sugar, salt, crushed chili, white sesame, sesame oil in a bowl and stir well to adjust the juice

Shredded Chicken recipe

5. After the chicken breast cools down, tear it into strips by hand according to the texture of the chicken

Shredded Chicken recipe

6. Add blanched carrot shreds and fungus shreds

Shredded Chicken recipe

7. Add cucumber shreds

Shredded Chicken recipe

8. Pour the adjusted juice and stir evenly

Shredded Chicken recipe

9. Platter

Shredded Chicken recipe

10. Finished product

Shredded Chicken recipe


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