Shrimp Congee

Shrimp Congee

by Dinosaur Gaze

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When I was shopping for vegetables, I saw that the shrimps were fresher, so I bought a pound and made shrimp porridge to relieve my hunger. "


Shrimp Congee

1. Go to the shrimp line and open the back of the shrimp you bought back.

Shrimp Congee recipe

2. Boil rice under water in a pot, add carrot diced pieces and boil slowly after the water is boiled.

Shrimp Congee recipe

3. Prepare the ingredients, cut the young shredded ginger, put half of it in the pot and boil, and put all the old ginger in the pot.

Shrimp Congee recipe

4. Boil until the rice is boiled into flowers.

Shrimp Congee recipe

5. Pour in the shrimp and continue boiling until the porridge is sticky.

Shrimp Congee recipe

6. Add the coriander and continue to simmer for another minute.

Shrimp Congee recipe

7. Add salt, chicken bouillon, and the remaining shredded ginger, simmer for another minute, add chopped green onion, and serve deliciously.

Shrimp Congee recipe


If you don’t like to eat coriander, you can replace it with other leaves. One is to increase the fragrance, and the other is that the color is richer and makes people appetite. Because my family prefers to eat coriander, I like to add anything. The cut ginger must be finely chopped, otherwise it will affect the taste when eating.


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