Grated Ginger recipes

Fried Lotus Root Balls

Lotus Root, Egg, Meat

Mother's Taste "southern Anhui Vegetable Rice"

Bacon, Frosted Greens, Glutinous Rice

Emerald Cabbage Dumplings

Spinach, Pure Water, Spinach Dough

Sour Noodle Soup

Daylily, Fungus, Garlic Sprouts

Steamed Fresh Soup with Yam Meatballs

Minced Pork, Chopped Shallots, Grated Ginger

Spinach Vermicelli

Spinach, Rice Noodles, Grated Ginger

Egg Seaweed Soup

Seaweed, Egg, Salt

Steamed Hairy Crabs

Hairy Crabs, Ginger, Basil Leaves

Jellyfish Salad

Jellyfish, Purple Cabbage, Grated Ginger

Wontons with Fresh Meat and Shrimp

Minced Pork, Corn Kernels, Shrimp

Different Egg Fried Rice

Rice, Egg, Grated Ginger

Three Stuffing Dumplings

Dumpling Skin, Pork Filling, Carrot

Bald Butter Crab Wonton

Crab Yellow Crab Paste, Pork Suet, Egg