Sichuan Flavor [mapo Tofu] Delicious and Cheap

Sichuan Flavor [mapo Tofu] Delicious and Cheap

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Mapo tofu is one of the traditional dishes of the Han people in Sichuan Province, belonging to Sichuan cuisine. The main raw materials are ingredients and tofu. The main materials are tofu, ground beef (pork can also be used), chili, and Chinese pepper. Ma comes from Sichuan pepper, and spicy comes from hot pepper. This dish highlights the "spicy" characteristic of Sichuan cuisine. This dish was created in the early years of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty (after 1874) by Chen Liu, the proprietor of a small restaurant named "Chen Xingsheng Restaurant" in Wanfuqiao, northern suburb of Chengdu. Because Chen Liu's face has pitting, it is called Chen Mapo, and the tofu she invented is called "Chen Mapo Tofu".
The color of this dish is light yellow, the tofu is soft and shiny, its taste is numb, spicy, crisp, fragrant, tender, fresh, hot and lively;
Ma: When the tofu is in the pot, it should be sprinkled with the right amount of minced pepper. Huajiao should use the tribute pepper from Hanyuan to pay tribute to the court. The numb taste is pure and refreshing.
Spicy: The watercress is made with Longtansi Dahongpao pepper, chopped and refined, and a small amount of cooked oil sea pepper is added to cook the tofu, which is spicy and fragrant.
Hot: Tofu has the characteristics of keeping the temperature of the whole dish after it is out of the pot. It is not easy to cool down. Every time you eat chopsticks, you will get the fresh taste.
Fragrance: It is served immediately after the pot is cooked. There is no smell of tofu gypsum, the rusty smell of cold soaked tofu, the original unpleasant smell of various condiments, only the scent that arouses appetite.
Crisp: refers to the refined beef filling, the color is golden, the red crisp is not flat, one by one, one by one.
Tenderness: refers to the tofu that is cooked in a pan, and it is as white as jade, and has horns and horns, and it breaks when you twist it. Therefore, the house is mostly scooped with a small spoon.
Fresh: refers to the raw materials of the whole dish, which are all fresh, fresh and green, suitable for red and white, fresh in color and taste, and impeccable.
Living: It is a unique skill of the Chen Mapo Tofu shop: the tofu is served on the table, the inch-long garlic sprouts stand upright in the bowl, the green and blue, the oil is very bright, as if just picked from the border and chopped, it is alive, but At the entrance of the folder, everything is cooked thoroughly without any jerky taste. "


Sichuan Flavor [mapo Tofu] Delicious and Cheap

1. 2 pieces of white tofu, break open from the middle, and then cut into tofu pieces. Put the white tofu cubes into a bowl, add more salt, and soak in hot water above 80 degrees for 1 hour to make the tofu flavor and remove the fishy smell. Drain the water after 1 hour and set aside.

Sichuan Flavor [mapo Tofu] Delicious and Cheap recipe

2. The beef shank is appropriate, cut into cubes and then minced (not too thin).

Sichuan Flavor [mapo Tofu] Delicious and Cheap recipe

3. Appropriate amount of minced garlic; appropriate amount of minced ginger; appropriate amount of bean paste; appropriate amount of prickly ash, prickly ash, crushed into prickly ash with a flour machine for later use An appropriate amount of chili, use a flour mixer to make chili powder for later use.

Sichuan Flavor [mapo Tofu] Delicious and Cheap recipe

4. Heat the pan to remove the oil, add garlic, minced ginger, bean paste, tempeh, and stir fry until fragrant. After frying, add chili powder and stir fry together. Add the beef and stir-fry the beef until it bursts into flavor. After the beef is fragrant, add a proper amount of water, add the tofu cubes and grill evenly, add a proper amount of dark soy sauce, cover the pot, and simmer for 5 minutes.

Sichuan Flavor [mapo Tofu] Delicious and Cheap recipe

5. Open the lid of the pot after 5 minutes, collect the juice on high heat, and gently push with the back of a spoon to prevent the bottom from sticking and frying tofu. When the soup is right, add the right amount of chicken essence, pour in the appropriate cornstarch water, gently push with the back of a spoon, and push evenly (generally Mapo tofu thicken, need 3 to 4 times to complete), every time thicken the water in the pot should be observed To decide how much to pour the cornstarch water in next time, until the water dries up and all the juice is stuck to the tofu (the tofu will not be made like usual, there is a layer of red oil on the surface), and finally sprinkle in an appropriate amount The minced peppercorns and garlic seedlings can be cooked after pushing evenly.

Sichuan Flavor [mapo Tofu] Delicious and Cheap recipe

6. Finished picture

Sichuan Flavor [mapo Tofu] Delicious and Cheap recipe


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