Sixi Dumplings

Sixi Dumplings

by Shatang Home

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The winter solstice is coming soon. If you haven't thought of what kind of dumplings to eat, let's try this Sixi dumplings together. The golden dragon fish dumpling powder is selected, the powder is fine and easy to absorb water, and is smoother. Originated from the best wheat, the skin is thin and not easy to break, the color is natural, the ash content is low, and the dumplings are brighter and whiter. The taste is good, and the dumpling wrapper is more elastic.

Sixi Dumplings

1. First make the noodles, pour the golden arowana dumpling powder into the noodle bowl.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

2. Add an appropriate amount of water and use chopsticks to make it into cotton wool, and then knead it with your hands to form a moderately hard dough.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

3. Divide the dough into 4 portions, add fruit and vegetable powder of different colors to form a dough.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

4. And dumpling stuffing: add appropriate amount of scallion ginger, light soy sauce, cooking wine, and salt to the pork stuffing and stir well. Clean the sauerkraut shreds with a kitchen knife, then put the dried water into the meat filling, add an appropriate amount of arowana peanut oil and sesame oil and mix well.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

5. The decoration part is also ready, and the yellow sour radish can be replaced with scrambled eggs.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

6. Roll the dough of the four colors into long strips.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

7. As shown in the picture, the surface can be easily stuck together by brushing a little water.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

8. Cut the sticky strips of dough into small pieces and roll them into dumpling wrappers.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

9. Take a dumpling wrapper and put an appropriate amount of filling.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

10. Pinch like petals, each color as a petal.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

11. Then put different colored decorative vegetable pieces in each petal, and pinch each petal.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

12. They are all wrapped and placed in the steamer for later use.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

13. Boil hot water in the pot, open the water into the steamer, and steam it out of the pot for about 12 minutes.

Sixi Dumplings recipe


1. The filling can be replaced according to personal taste.
2. If there is no fruit and vegetable powder, you can directly use different colors of fruit or vegetable puree to make the noodles.


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