Soy Sauce Cooking Wine recipes

Lotus Root Dried Bean Stew Pork Ribs

Sub-row, Dried Tofu, Lotus Root

Ants on The Tree

Vermicelli, Pork Stuffing, Doubanjiang

Braised Eel with Sauce

Eel, Celery Minced Meat, Ginger

Tofu Stew

Tofu, Pork Shreds, Green Garlic

Fried Fungus with Spiced Dried Beans

Spiced Dried Beans, Fungus, Shiitake Mushrooms

Sixi Dumplings

Arowana Dumpling Powder, Water, Color Fruit And Vegetable Powder

Deluxe Version of Ants on The Tree

Vermicelli, Egg, Ground Beef

Garlic Breadcrumb Chicken Chop

Chicken Breast, Juicer, Soy Sauce Cooking Wine

Private Stew

Pork, White Jade Mushroom, Vermicelli

Spicy Saliva Grilled Fish

Crucian Carp, Chili Oil (chili Powder), Soaked Chili