Sixi Dumplings

Sixi Dumplings

by He Xiaohe

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Sixi dumplings are traditional Chinese noodles. They usually consist of four petals. The combination of various ingredients makes it more nutritious and beautiful in color. It can be made into an open style steamed in a steamer, or four dumplings can be joined together and kneaded together to make Sixi copper coin dumplings. It can be cooked or steamed. Today I made an open style Sixi steamed dumplings. There are four kinds of dumplings. The colored fillings are exposed, which looks good and delicious. In the past, these were all court dumplings, and only princes and nobles could eat them.
For dumplings, I like to use special wheat core flour for Arowana dumplings, selected high-quality wheat, with low gluten content, high water absorption, and protein content as high as 18%. It is no problem for making bread. The kneaded dough has good ductility, soft and easy to handle. The cooked dumplings are translucent and vigorous. They will not be mixed with soup for a long time, and the dumplings will not break, so I really can't fault it.


Sixi Dumplings

1. Ingredients.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

2. Put the dumpling powder in a basin, add water all at once, and stir it into a flocculent shape with chopsticks to avoid sticking to your hands.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

3. Then move the dough to the panel, knead it into a smooth dough by hand, cover it with moist gauze and let it rest for 20 minutes, the dough will become fine and elastic, which is better for operation.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

4. Make dumpling fillings when the dough is loose. The first step is to add pork with chopped green onion and ginger and chopped coriander, then add five-spice powder, salt, oyster sauce and a spoonful of light soy sauce.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

5. Then start to process the four colors of vegetables. Wash the broccoli, blanch it, and chop it, soak the fungus in advance, rinse and mince, mince with the mushrooms, mince the carrots, and peel off the corn kernels for later use.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

6. The mixed meat filling is divided into 4 parts. Add broccoli, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, fungus, and corn kernels, and then mix them evenly. The dumpling fillings of the four colors and flavors are ready.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

7. Roll the loose dough into long strips of the same thickness, and cut into dough pieces of the same size.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

8. Sprinkle dry powder to prevent adhesion, and then press flat. When pressing, press with even force, try to press as round as possible.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

9. Roll out into the same size, with slightly thinner edges and thicker dumpling wrappers in the middle. Arowana's dumpling powder is always used at my home. It is translucent and powerful. It can be rolled out very thin, and the dumplings made out of it won't be boiled.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

10. Put a little dumpling filling in the middle of the dumpling skin, not too much, just set the shape first.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

11. Pick up the four corners and pinch together, pinch tightly in the middle, try to be even, and then tidy up to make it look better.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

12. Fill the four holes with four kinds of dumpling fillings, try to fill them a little, and the Sixi dumplings are ready.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

13. Add water to the steamer, put baking paper on the grate, and put Sixi dumplings.

Sixi Dumplings recipe

14. Bring to a boil and steam for 10 minutes after SAIC.

Sixi Dumplings recipe


1. Adjust the flavor of the pork filling first, then divide it into four parts, add the four colors of vegetables and mix well, the dumpling filling is ready, the colors are bright and beautiful.
2. The dumpling dough is slightly loosened for a while, and it is more chewy and smoother.


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