Slapped Fried Rice Bento

Slapped Fried Rice Bento

by Cat cat

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The legendary slapped fried rice, a warm lunch box


Slapped Fried Rice Bento

1. Prepare the ingredients, cut the carrots into small cubes, wash the shrimps and cut off the shrimp heads, peel off the shrimps and pull out the shrimp threads for later use. Put the egg whites and yolks of the salted duck eggs in separate bowls and press them into a puree shape for later use. Beat the eggs with a little salt

Slapped Fried Rice Bento recipe

2. Heat oil in the pan, add the shrimp heads, stir-fry the shrimp oil, then discard the shrimp heads, add the shrimps, stir-fry the golden brown, and set aside

Slapped Fried Rice Bento recipe

3. With the fried shrimp oil, put the green onion, carrots, and carrots at a time, and then put the rice, stir-fry the rice with the salted duck egg white, and then add the egg liquid, stir-fry evenly and put the shrimps on it.

Slapped Fried Rice Bento recipe


Salted duck eggs are salty, so when you fry them, you can put a proper amount of salt in the egg liquid~
Put on green pepper beef and potato shreds~
Every day, I take great pains to make lunch for the next day at noon~


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