Soup with Pepper

Soup with Pepper

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In cold weather, this bowl of soup is the most greedy for breakfast. Drinking it is completely warm, and it can also invigorate the spleen and stomach. People who are afraid of cold should drink it often. Jiangxi is close to the north, and it snows occasionally in winter, but it can only be seen in the circle of friends, and it melts as soon as it falls. Most of the weather is sleet and rain, the outdoor and indoor temperatures are almost the same, and the daily heating depends on shaking. Some time ago, a friend in Henan sent me a tutorial on spicy soup and asked me to try their special breakfast. It is said that most people in Henan start their breakfast with a bowl of spicy soup, a bowl of hot soup. Hu spicy soup makes the whole body feel comfortable. It not only warms the body, but also warms the stomach.

Hu spicy soup, also known as hot spicy soup, is a mushy soup. Although its appearance is not very good, it will never forget it after eating it. There are many versions of Hu spicy soup, and the side dishes are also varied, but the two types of pepper and corn starch are indispensable. I use cornstarch from Ganzhiyuan, which is of reliable quality. The hot and spicy soup made is thick, rich in flavor and spicy and delicious. It’s snowing today, and after doing this bowl of spicy soup, it won’t be cold for a single person! Pair it with an omelet or fritters, full of energy. Now I will share the detailed method with everyone, and those who like it will try it out!


Soup with Pepper

1. First prepare the ingredients and wash them. The side dishes can be added at will. In addition to these vegetarian dishes, you can also add some meatballs, crispy meat and other ingredients.

Soup with Pepper recipe

2. Dice the tofu; shred the cucumber and ham; cut the chives and ginger into small pieces.

Soup with Pepper recipe

3. Shred the shiitake mushrooms and fungus; cut the enoki mushrooms into sections.

Soup with Pepper recipe

4. Beat the eggs; add one spoonful of water to the pepper and mix well; add two spoons of water to the cornstarch and mix well.

Soup with Pepper recipe

5. Mix the salt, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, and balsamic vinegar to make a sauce so that you won’t be in a hurry when you cook the soup later.

Soup with Pepper recipe

6. Pick up the frying pan, add green onions and ginger and stir fragrant.

Soup with Pepper recipe

7. Pour a large bowl of water, add peas, enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and fungus.

Soup with Pepper recipe

8. After boiling, add tofu, ham, cucumber and pepper paste and cook for a minute or two.

Soup with Pepper recipe

9. Pour in the beaten egg mixture, then pour in the mixed juice, and mix well.

Soup with Pepper recipe

10. Finally, pour in the water starch, mix well, boil again, and enjoy.

Soup with Pepper recipe


Friends who like to eat coriander, you can add some coriander after the pan.


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