Sour Soup Dumplings

Sour Soup Dumplings

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Sour soup dumplings is an ancient Han traditional snack in Shaanxi, with a history of more than 1,000 years. Steaming and fragrant dumplings in sour soup are delicious and sour, which is worthy of tasting. The soup in the bowl, the red oily pepper, looks so appetizing, I taste it, and every pore in my body is sweating out, awkward!


Sour Soup Dumplings

1. Add pepper, cooking wine, and salt to the prawns and marinate for half an hour.

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe

2. Cabbage and meat dumplings stuffing.

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe

3. Take a dumpling wrapper, put the dumpling filling, and put another shrimp to make dumplings.

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe

4. Put the dumplings in the boiling pot after boiling water.

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe

5. Order cold water three times and cook until the dumplings float and expand.

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe

6. Put salt, dried shrimp skin, seaweed, dark soy sauce, spicy pepper, and chopped green onions in a bowl.

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe

7. Put the cooked dumplings and soup into a bowl!

Sour Soup Dumplings recipe


The authentic sour soup must contain dried shrimp, seaweed, coriander, and chopped green onions. I forgot to put coriander today.


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