Sour Soup Loofah

Sour Soup Loofah

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I believe many of my friends have never tried the tomato-boiled loofah. The loofah is crispy and refreshing. The soup is sweet and sour and appetizing. It is low-fat and nutritious.


Sour Soup Loofah

1. Prepare the ingredients. There are two common types of loofah on the market. This type of water chestnut is also called octagonal gourd, and the cylindrical loofah is also called water gourd;

Sour Soup Loofah recipe

2. The tomatoes and shallots are peeled separately, washed and sliced. This kind of red onion, also called small onion, has a strong aroma. When it is cooked in a soup or a small stir-fry, the taste of the whole dish will increase a lot. This kind of red onion is also very good. Good preservation, not easy to sprout, a small one at a time is enough;

Sour Soup Loofah recipe

3. Plane the skin of the loofah to keep a little green and tender part, which looks more beautiful. After washing, cut it into hob pieces;

Sour Soup Loofah recipe

4. Heat the pan, pour in the cooking oil, pour in the shallots and fry them to create a fragrance;

Sour Soup Loofah recipe

5. Then pour the tomatoes, stir fry quickly to get the sand, add 2 bowls of boiling water, and cook until the soup is rich and boiling;

Sour Soup Loofah recipe

6. Pour in the loofah, stir-fry evenly, cover the pot and cook until the loofah softens;

Sour Soup Loofah recipe

7. Add salt, pepper, and a few drops of sesame oil, mix well and scoop it up.

Sour Soup Loofah recipe


Tips for food:

Don't cook the loofah for too long. You can shovel it up after a little softening to keep it crisp and tender.


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