Soy Sauce Chicken

Soy Sauce Chicken

by He Xiaohe

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Soy sauce chicken is a well-known dish in Guangdong, attractive in color, extremely delicious, and simple to make. Anshi Nongke Beijing Youji Chicken is tender and firm, delicious and nutritious, the ultimate chicken eating experience!


Soy Sauce Chicken

1. The chicken of Anshi Agricultural Branch is the favorite chicken of Empress Dowager Cixi.

Soy Sauce Chicken recipe

2. Wash, remove the chicken head, chicken butt and chicken feet, and divide into half.

Soy Sauce Chicken recipe

3. Supor is red hot in the wok, add a little oil and stir fry the scallion and ginger to create a fragrance.

Soy Sauce Chicken recipe

4. Add soy sauce chicken juice, rock sugar and water to boil.

Soy Sauce Chicken recipe

5. Add chicken, cover and cook for half an hour.

Soy Sauce Chicken recipe

6. Collect the sauce over high heat, pour the sauce on the chicken with a spoon, and finally collect the sauce to be thick.

Soy Sauce Chicken recipe

7. Cut into pieces after cooling, red bright and attractive. \nAnshi Agricultural Branch Beijing chicken, expert guidance from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, authentic Beijing flavor, nutritious and healthy quality ingredients

Soy Sauce Chicken recipe


Always pour the sauce on the chicken body when collecting the juice to make the color more beautiful. Rock candy can make the color look better.


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